From the Scrabble FAQ:
In Duplicate Scrabble, players all play the same board, competing for high score on each move.
JDuplicate is a free word game suite. All you need to start playing is a client, and the IP address of a JDuplicate server.

21-08-2007 Due to an ADSL shortage, the main JDuplicate server is currently unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.
23-06-2006 The official server is now back online, now running on another machine. The server software has also been updated to version 0.5.10, so if you run into any problems with this new version, do not hesitate to contact us!
21-06-2006 The official JDuplicate server had a hardware problem a few days ago. It will be repaired, or replaced, as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.
21-02-2005 JDSC 0.5.9a released. This fixes the problem with blank letters on the official server, and adds the duplicate tourney mode which computes the top at the end of every turn.
08-11-2004 JDuplicate 0.5.9 released. This is the most important release to date and features enhanced stability, improved graphic user interface, cyrillic support, a native OSX client, UTF8 support for dictionaries as well as numerous enhancements and bugfixes.
23-10-2004 The official JDuplicate Client, JDSC, is now available in its 0.5.9 pre-release binary version (Java .jar executables or MacOSX disk image). You can get it from the download section.
02-09-2004 As the release of JDuplicate 0.5.9 approaches, we are currently looking for testers. You can contact us via IRC (#jduplicate on freenode) or email. The Java, Windows and KDE clients are to be tested thoroughly. Client testing also helps us stress and test the JDuplicate server.
20-06-2004 JDuplicate 0.5.7 released
04-06-2004 JDuplicate 0.5.5 released
28-05-2004 Website updated
12-05-2004 JDuplicate 0.5.2 released
Official JDuplicate Server Paris, France
Dev-unstable JDuplicate Server Paris, France