Being fans of word games, we played proprietary online games such as Wordox with great pleasure, until the game declined with the introduction of a paid subscription. We then stopped playing online wordgames altogether for some time.

Years later, we stumbled upon Matt Chapman's XScrabble, heavily modified by Jean-Pierre Demailly, which provided us with a free (as in free speech) implementation of the popular scrabble game. It even allowed network play through X display forwarding. After some personal customization, we came to the conclusion that we wanted something more extensible than what was currently freely available on the internet.

Around the same time, a friend of ours, Sylvain Forest, introduced us to the Duplicate Scrabble rules used in French tournaments, which we definitely embraced as our favorite rules since it made the game luck free.

Those two events made us develop JDuplicate, which's main goal is to allow an unlimited amount of players from all over the world to play Duplicate games via the Internet.

Luc Vo Van, Jeremy Grumbach, and Ahmad Imam
You can contact us by mail ( or head to our Sourceforge project page

JDuplicate: Have fun and think fast!